Dipstick Adaptor

Posted by Brandon Metzger 22/09/2015 0 Comment(s)

MFI Products has the solution to your leaking oil pan problem! Our Dipstick Adaptor Repair Kit (fully patented) is made right in our shop in Phoenix, Arizona and fits 1994-97 OBS trucks, 1999-03 Super Duties, Excursions and E-Series Vans.


No foreign components here, the Dipstick Adaptor is made in USA, consisting of a machined steel backing plate and brace, double O-ring for a positive seal with stainless steel screws and copper sealing washers.


The MFI Products Dipstick Adaptor installs quickly; no need to remove the oil pan or engine! It is also quickly serviceable if necessary.


If you are interested in becoming a dealer for this product, please contact us at (602) 539-9591 or brandon@mfi-products.com.